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Daniele on the roof of the world

Together with the Maneskin, he is among the most influential young under 30 in the world, according to Forbes. The musician born on the Roman coast now composes music for cinema in Los Angeles.

By Isabella Di Chio July 27, 2022

From his Torvajanica, on the Roman coast, he arrived in Los Angeles where he writes music for cinema and television series. Daniele Truocchio, 28, is among the most influential young people under thirty in the world according to Forbes magazine. With him also the band Maneskin. A passion for music born as a child. He has been studying since he was seven. He attended the Conservatory of Latina and then with a scholarship he moved to Berkley College of Music in Boston where he graduated in music composition for film and television. He now lives in Los Angeles with his wife Giorgia. His resume is full of experience. Daniele has a smile that conquers, and he tells us he misses his family and his sea. He sees his future in America, but he dreams of working in Italy as well.


Dai Måneskin a Khaby Lame: chi sono gli italiani sulla lista 30 Under 30 Europe di Forbes. Leggi (or translate the article) “HERE”


Leggi (or translate the article) “HERE”


Daniele interviewed on “ROMATODAY”. Read or translate the full article “HERE”

“His name appears in the list drawn up by Forbes to include the most influential Italians under 30 in the world. He is Daniele Truocchio, a 28-year-old native of Torvaianica Alta who has been living in Los Angeles for some years: overseas he signs the music for American TV series. We reached him on the phone, he shared with us the joy of being part of the most famous list on the planet, in the same list in which – years ago – the names of Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk appeared . “Discovering it was surreal, I didn’t expect it” said the Roman composer with his voice full of enthusiasm, the same he had when we interviewed him on Roma Today last March.”
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“ILMESSAGGERO” Daniele Nella Top “Under 30” di Forbes Il Compositore che Conquista Hollywood

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Daniele on Forbes’ Top “Under 30” List The Composer Conquering Hollywood.

From Torvaianica to the USA, also the Roman composer Daniele Truocchio among the 12 Italians on Forbes 30 Under 30, the list of the most influential under 30 in Europe. Besides the band of Roman Rockstars Maneskin, the singer Ghali and the tiktoker Khaby Lame, there is Truocchio, Los Angeles based producer and composer.